Friday, July 22, 2011

White Knuckle Knitting

We drove thru Iron Mountain Road and the Needles Highway yesterday afternoon. I am glad we chose to drive this way instead of taking the regular highway with the idea to get somewhere faster. It probably took us 10 times longer, but it was very beautiful.

When you first drive in, there are pine trees and quaint little bridges, but as you get further down the road, you encounter sharp turns and switchbacks along with the incredible views.

I was in the front seat as co pilot as well as knitting, but I must admit there were times where I could not knit as I was gripping the armrests as tightly as I could. It seems silly, because really, is it going to save me to hang onto the armrests if we drive off a cliff? I guess it just makes me feel better.

We ended up not arriving in Cody until 9:30 pm, too late to do much besides collapse in bed after a long days drive. Today we are driving onto Yellowstone. The forecast indicates a chance of rain, but we are hoping for the best.
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