Saturday, August 27, 2011

150 Knitted Trims

The cover of 150 Trims reads "Designs for beautiful decorative edgings, from beaded braids to cables, bobbles and fringes." After I read the foreward from the author, Lesley Stanfield, I realized that the book wasn't so much geared towards knitting as it was towards having the ability to create trimmings if you can't find exactly what you want.

After a traditional "refresher course" of knitting basics, she moves right into a pictorial dictionary of trims, broken down into the following categories, easy pieces, braids, frills and flounces, lacy edgings, loops and fringes, insertions and additions (which are basically miscellaneous things you can pin or sew onto something like flowers or leaves).

The technical section comes next, which of course includes the directions to make your trim. The really nice thing she provides is a visual indicator of what type of yarn she is using as well as extra information about the pattern.  For example, on the umbrella flounce, she notes that it is an adaptation of a well known repeat pattern that makes a crisp, curvy edging. The big downer for me, is that she only uses written patterns and does not include a chart as well, which I would prefer.

Last but certainly not least, we get to see trims in action, also known as the projects section. I absolutely love, love, love project 2, the herb cushion which features insertions (and uses ribbons) very cool!

I just want to say, Dear Lesley, your designs have inspired me and I think I will be using some of these concepts as I develop new knitting patterns. Thank you for the inspiration!

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