Friday, August 5, 2011

Adorn Your Hands

My addiction to knitting books continues to be fed by Barnes and Nobles. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but I probably won't grow ill from this addiction, so, I guess its okay. It seems a little crazy to write about mittens and gloves when it is 87 degrees outside and humid, but alas, one fine day it will no longer be summer in Holland MI and we will all be hunkering down with the wind blowing and wishing for summer.....but I digress....

Robin Melanson, who also comes from a cold part of the world (Canada's Atlantic Coast), pulled together 28 patterns just for your hands. Who knew there were so many options? They come with fancy schmancy names like Aethelwyne and Rusalka, but also with warm names like Plush and Snug. (Maybe I should be more creative with my pattern names??)

Robin shares with us handwarmers, mittens and gloves and she is kind enough to provide patterns in all skill ranges, from simple one color garter stitch hand warmers on up to Fair Isle, lace and beading.

My very favorite pattern, Chevalier, is a pair of boucle cuff trimmed mittens with leather buckles sewn across the wrist. They are made from a bulky wool on size 11 needles (can you say fast knitting?). Just writing this is making me itch to get started on them! And that isn't itch like wool itchy!

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