Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Wants to Be a PMP?

Imagine yourself on a game show where you have to answer questions to win the ultimate prize and if you answer too many incorrectly, you get sent back home to try again. Well, that has been my life recently and a reason why I have not gotten nearly as much knitting and designing done as I would prefer.

I have been studying, studying and studying for my Project Management certification. Every night I would look longingly at my current knitting project and then turn my back and head upstairs to the spare bedroom which is my official study room and has been for about a year now. Let me tell you the Project Management Book of Knowledge is not especially exciting reading, as you can tell by its scintillating title. The Heldman book is much better, but of course you HAVE to read the PMBOK. I really enjoyed the audio of Heldman's book as it let me sneak in a few rows of knitting every night and in the car.

So, the point of the post (I know many were wondering) is that today was the day. Today I went to Grand Rapids to the test center and sat for the exam along with 19 other noisy test takers (thank goodness for my foam earplugs). Today I wished for a lifeline, or even a 50/50 deal on some of the questions. But for the most part, I knew the answers. And today, I passed the exam.
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  1. Now to your fun reading...knit, purl...
    Congrats on the hard work Kristi!

  2. thanks Judi, it was a lot of hard work, but so worth it, and I have a lot more respect for those holding the certification after knowing what they went thru!