Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two More Rows To Hoe

The end is in site now. Regarding my blanket/quilt that is. Vertically I have 4 rows connected now with 2 more to go. After that, just the horizontal connection and then a border. I am feeling warmer already....maybe that is just the sun outside?

Today is my 17th anniversary (whoo hoo). I remember getting pictures taken outside in downtown Saugatuck and in between shots wearing the photographer's sport coat because it was a little brisk outside, especially because we were down by the water. Hope you are having a great day, we are heading north to Porto Bello in Grand Haven for a romantic dinner tonight. I can't wait to have a fabulous bowl of fettuccine alfredo. Here is a shot of us way back when getting ready to cut the cake. Don't we look young?

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