Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Knitting Yet

I really thought I might knit today. Really, I did. I even went down stairs to my knitting spot and got settled. But I just couldn't do it.

I had surgery on Tuesday and I came home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon, where I promptly curled up in bed and slept for 3 days straight. Man, it really takes everything out of you. Just walking to the bathroom seems like a marathon.

I finally checked my emails Saturday and was excited to see that message from Jimmy Beans, you know, the one that says your order is shipped? Well, in my brainlessness, when I purchased yarn for my Drift sweater, I only picked up 1000 yards. Doh! That will make a very short sleeved I ran back, but they only had 2 balls left, which I grabbed. I got 3 more from Jimmy Beans, probably not the same dye lot, but I will use them for trim and sleeves and make it work.

Maybe tomorrow I can knit.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Confetti Splash Cowl

The Confetti Splash Cowl was inspired by the beautiful beads and sequins in Art Yarn's mohair splash. The yarn is a combination of silk and mohair with randomly added glass beads and sequins for a subtle sparkle.

Size: 8" x 24" 
Yarn: Art Yarns - Mohair splash, red - 1 ball (approx 161 yards)

Supplies: US Size 7/Metric 4.5mm 16" circular needles, marker


K - knit
P - purl
SK2P - slip stitch, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over
YO - yarn over
Gauge: 20 stitches per 4"

Confetti Lace Pattern:

Row 1: K1, *YO, K1, YO, SK2P* repeat to last stitch, K1
Row 2: Knit across
Row 3: K1, *SK2P, YO, K1, YO* repeat to last stitch, K1
Row 4: Knit across
Repeat these 4 rows

Confetti Splash Cowl
Cast on 122 stitches, connect to work in round, place marker. 
Step 1: Purl 2 rows
Step 2: Work 3 repeats of confetti lace pattern
Step 3: Purl 2 rows
Repeat Steps 1 thru 3  three more times

Confetti Splash Cowl Chart
Bind off loosely in purl.

Finishing: Weave in loose ends with crochet hook.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Drifting Along

While I have been working on a project this week, I have also spent quite a bit of time determining what my next project will be. I knew that I wanted a cardigan but I was not certain what pattern or what yarn or even what color. So I spent a few minutes hours on Ravelry digging around and I finally decided on Drift by Norah Gaughan. It is a free pattern (I love free) on the Berroco website and is featured in a lovely mulberry colored yarn. When I got a spare second this week, I stopped in at my LYS, Lizzie Ann's Wool, and browsed around. I needed worsted weight and I wanted something close to 100% wool so I could avoid weaving in ends if at all possible (yes I am lazy but who cares). I was just not finding exactly what I wanted when I came across Rowan kid classic. It is a lovely combination of lambswool, kid mohair and nylon. I didn't go with blue this time, even though it is my favorite color. The color is called lavender ice and it sort of reminds me of an ice cream I had a long time ago....but I digress.

Now, I need to hurry up and finish what is on my needles so I can get this one going. I should have plenty of time to get this done since I am going to have surgery next week and then will be off work for a few weeks. Oh the joy, to sit and knit all day with no interruptions....I might run out of yarn! Nah, that will never happen.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blocking and Tackling

After finishing up the blanket project, I felt the need to wrap up one of my many UFOs that are stashed in various places around the house. I started this lacy leaves scarf back in April and it got moved to the back burner after I had completed over half of it. For a reason I don't remember, probably temptation of another project, I got distracted.

Well, I tackled this UFO this week and now it is blocked and drying.

It has grown quite a bit after a soak in the sink, I think it will be a perfect gift for my friend who is a master gardener. Now it just needs to dry a bit and then I can wrap it up.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nine Patch Star Blanket

The Nine Patch Star Blanket was inspired by the nine patch quilt block. Since I don't quilt, I thought it would be a great opportunity to knit my own version. A great project for travel, the squares are quick and easy to knit and small enough to tuck into your purse. The squares are worked on the bias, to make color changes simple.

Size: 48" x 48"
Yarn: Lion Brand - Vanna's Choice, chocolate (color A) - 7 balls (approx 1200 yards); honey (color B) - 4 balls (approx 700 yards); dusty blue (color C) - 4 balls (approx 700 yards)

Supplies: US Size 8/Metric 5mm needles & US Size H/8/Metric 5mm crochet hook


K - knit
K f/b - knit front and back of stitch (increase)
K2 tog - knit two together (decrease)
SSK - slip, slip knit (decrease)

Gauge: 16 stitches per 4"

Nine Patch Star Blanket

Solid Square (make 4 in color A and 8 in color B):

Cast on 3 stitches using cable cast on
Row 1: K f/b, knit to last stitch, K f/b
Row 2: knit all stitches
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until your reach row 42 (45 stitches)
Row 43: SSK, knit to last two stitches, K2 tog
Row 44: knit all stitches
Repeat rows 43 and 44 until you reach row 84 (3 stitches)

Cast off as follows:
Knit 2 stitches, pull first stitch knit over second stitch, slip remaining stitch from right needle back to left needle and knit remaining two stitches together. Cut yarn and pull thru remaining stitch.

Two Color Square (make 4 in AB and 20 in AC)
Start same as solid square up to row 42
Switch to second color and work remaining rows as above.

Arrange pieces per chart and sew together.
Finishing: Work one round of single crochet around outside between garter ridges, working three single crochet in each corner, slip stitch to join.  Weave in loose ends with crochet hook and block.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting Beyond the Never Ending WIP

This blanket feels like it has taken  F O R E V E R. A really really really long time. For something that consists of garter stitch and squares, wow. It isn't like it is the size of a king sized bed or anything. If you look at the picture, now you have a scale, it is about as wide as my love seat. Granted, I am a very impatient person, but still. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I will be done. And I am very excited about that. Yes, I am excited because I can't wait to have this blanket. But also because that means I get to start a new project.....or finish one of my other WIPs.

I was struggling as I was putting the pieces together. I decided (for some dumb reason) to sew from the back, which (obviously) means you have to flip the pieces all over. For some reason, I was struggling to visualize how to lay out the pieces. Note to self, sew from the front next time. After stepping back and looking at it, definitely going to go with a crocheted border to finish it off.