Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting Beyond the Never Ending WIP

This blanket feels like it has taken  F O R E V E R. A really really really long time. For something that consists of garter stitch and squares, wow. It isn't like it is the size of a king sized bed or anything. If you look at the picture, now you have a scale, it is about as wide as my love seat. Granted, I am a very impatient person, but still. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I will be done. And I am very excited about that. Yes, I am excited because I can't wait to have this blanket. But also because that means I get to start a new project.....or finish one of my other WIPs.

I was struggling as I was putting the pieces together. I decided (for some dumb reason) to sew from the back, which (obviously) means you have to flip the pieces all over. For some reason, I was struggling to visualize how to lay out the pieces. Note to self, sew from the front next time. After stepping back and looking at it, definitely going to go with a crocheted border to finish it off.

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