Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Knitting Yet

I really thought I might knit today. Really, I did. I even went down stairs to my knitting spot and got settled. But I just couldn't do it.

I had surgery on Tuesday and I came home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon, where I promptly curled up in bed and slept for 3 days straight. Man, it really takes everything out of you. Just walking to the bathroom seems like a marathon.

I finally checked my emails Saturday and was excited to see that message from Jimmy Beans, you know, the one that says your order is shipped? Well, in my brainlessness, when I purchased yarn for my Drift sweater, I only picked up 1000 yards. Doh! That will make a very short sleeved I ran back, but they only had 2 balls left, which I grabbed. I got 3 more from Jimmy Beans, probably not the same dye lot, but I will use them for trim and sleeves and make it work.

Maybe tomorrow I can knit.

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