Friday, December 30, 2011

Its The Berries

I thought and thought and thought and thought while I was knitting the sock. Frog? Just make one? Make the toe a different color? Try to find some of the unlabeled yarn in a similar dye lot (ok, I was delirious at that point). I decided to make a different color toe. Digging thru my stash, I found this yarn that was of similar weight and decidedly dissimilar look. Well, why not take this contrast thing all the way?
The kitchener stitch on the toe was not horrible either, despite what I have read. I guess that means you can't always believe what you read (gasp!). My swatch (yes I really did a swatch) worked out perfectly and consequently, the sock fits. Wow, it does feel quite good as well. I need to get going on the other sock now to make it fair for both feet.


  1. thank you so much! the book I used made it so easy to do. I can't believe I never made socks before, look out 2012!