Monday, December 26, 2011

Its Over When the Buttons Are On

Well, I finally finished the cardigan. The seams are sewn. I tried it on and I have to admit: 

Thank you Norah for designing such a beautiful sweater and thank you Berroco for sharing this pattern. Once it dries (no, it is not wet in these pictures) and I sew the buttons on, I will share some pix wearing it. What a great addition to my wardrobe for 2012. I am already planning what to wear with it.

We had a wonderful Christmas and my dear husband came up with some very practical gifts with the help of my observant children.

  1. Chocolate - you can never go amiss with chocolate, especially Bliss darks
  2. A tomtom - for the wife who can get lost in a square building, its a shame they don't work indoors
  3. A joy of socks kit - for the wife who has never knit socks and grumbles about seaming
May the magic of Christmas stay in our hearts all year around.

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