Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lessons Learned - Drift

As I learned in my project management class, it is important to end a project with a wrap up called lessons learned. Now, this is not only the bad things that you don't ever ever want to happen again, but also the good things that you definitely want to happen again. I am hoping if I actually write this down, that I just might learn from this latest project. Please note these are not in any particular order, just as they pop into my head and spill out of my fingertips.

  • Calculate and buy the correct amount of yarn to avoid dye lot issues (enough said)
  • Don't be afraid to rip back if you don't like how it looks (did this on the sleeves)
  • Knit the sleeves in the round if you hate seaming (this was a time saver and sanity saver for me)
  • Knit the back and fronts together if you hate seaming (apparently I missed this tip)
  • Read up and learn from the wisdom of others on Ravelry (learn from other people's mistakes)
  • Don't be afraid to deviate from the pattern to make it fit (I made the arms longer and wider)
  • Everything takes longer than you think it will (it just does)
  • Blocking makes your stitches look awesome (weird but true)

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