Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All

Well, no BIG surprise, but did not finish the sweater. I finished the button bands and I set 1 sleeve and 1/2 of the other sleeve. It is very exciting to get to the end of the project and see the results! I am feeling the itch for a new project coming, but I need to stay focused, focused, focused. That bag of grey wool is calling my name. I bought enough for a sweater (really I added correctly this time). Now I am just searching for the right pattern. I have been scouring Ravelry, but just haven't seen "the sweater" yet.

But I digress....on my current sweater project, I love how the button bands are finished on this sweater, they end with one row of knit, one row of purl and then a cast off in knit. It curls up so nicely and looks quite sharp. I took a close up so you can see just how it looks.

We had a touch of snow Christmas Eve morning so I thought I better get a picture before it totally melted away. It was interesting because on the north side of town, there was no snow, but we kept ours until after noon. It looks like it is going to be a brown/green Christmas for us here in Holland, which is very unusual.

My sister hosted a Christmas party last night at her house (Christmas Eve) so we enjoyed a potluck dinner, dessert and then presents. It is always fun to see the family, laugh and share stories. I am hoping you and yours are enjoying a fabulous Christmas holiday together.

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