Saturday, December 10, 2011

Now Another One, Just Like the Other One

I finished the left side of the cardigan yesterday evening, but I was too pooped to start on the right side. Tired both physically and mentally. I think when I saw the pattern state 'make right side just like left but reverse shaping' I just sighed and put it down for the night. Sometimes I am just not in the right frame of mind  (no pun intended) to figure the math out. Last night was one of those moments. This morning I was feeling in a more analytical frame of mind, so I cast on 60 and started on the right side.

Yesterday we received our 1st snow of the season, which amounted to about 3". It was a big thrill for the kiddos, who are always up for sledding in the back yard. With a little more snow, we will be dragging out the cross country skis.

My internet shopping has been going well this season and Mr. UPS and Mr. Fed X have been making regular stops at my house. Next comes, the wrapping.

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