Sunday, January 1, 2012

All Buttoned Up

So, it is 2012. A brand new year. We had some great times last year, a high being our trip to Italy. Last year sort of ended on a not so great note with my hysterectomy. But the surgery was a success and I will be heading back to work in just a few short days, so that is positive. Here is to hoping for a great year with lots of great experiences and friendships and yarn.

Some of you are probably thinking, what happened to the sweater? I did promise to post pictures after I sewed on the buttons, which I finally did today. The shots are kind of grainy, but, they will do for the time being, I guess. At this time of day, it was only raining, but currently it is snowing and blowing and they have forecast 3-6 inches of the white fluffy stuff. Bleh! I love this sweater and I am positive I will get a ton of use out of it. I plan on wearing it my first day back to work. Can you tell I am growing out my bangs? (The bobby pin is the hint) Not a fun project, but I am going to try to stick with it. Wish me luck as I am not the most patient person in the whole wide world.

Still working away on the socks, I turned the heel last night just before bed at 10 pm (no I did not stay up to watch the ball drop) and I got a little bit of knitting in today. I think I can finish this pair up tomorrow. I would like to make a pair of socks for my mom as I think she would be a great recipient and would wear them a lot. I still can't believe I never tried to make socks before. I think I was always freaked out by the skinny yarn and dinky little stitches that would take forever. Not like a sweater doesn't take a month to complete.....I was wrong. I like socks very much.


  1. My sister is the most dedicated knitter in the family with mom next. Mom is more the sweaters and my sister socks and lots of very detailed. Though I don't knit I can relate to the talent you are sharing! Rest while you can and hope your transition back to work is great! Blessings to you!

  2. thank you for your words of encouragement, they warm my heart.