Sunday, January 8, 2012

Easy Cables

I am working away at my baby cable socks and I love this pattern. I have never made cables without a cable needle before. It is super easy, you just do 2 x 2 ribbing for 3 rows and on the 4th row for the knit section you knit 2 together but don't take off the needle and then knit the first stitch and take both of the needle. Purl is same as before. Doesn't that sound easy? AND it looks great. I am thinking about using this as a more decorative edging to a sweater. Or possible on hand warmers. Even on a scarf it would work because ribbing is reversible so the "cable" portion is in the trough of the purling on the other side. I was also thinking about maybe 4 x 4 ribbing to see how two cables look next to each other. Oh the possibilities.

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