Friday, January 20, 2012

Taken For Granted

I finally finished one (yes one) of the baby cable socks. Yep, only one. And I can't attribute this slow pace to any knitting issues. Hub got sick. With the stomach flu....I won't share the gory details, only that he missed work for 2 whole days. He NEVER misses work. Naturally, we did everything we could to keep it from spreading in the house. (I hope I didn't just jinx us) We kept the door shut to the bedroom and I wiped everything in sight down with Clorox wipes. I even slept in the spare bedroom. So far so good. HOWEVER, hub does a lot of things during the day and I ended up having to pick up his load. Wow, he does a lot of things that I never realized. I kind of felt bad about this (once I could take a breath at 9pm at night) so I resolved that I would tell him. And I did. Don't take your significant other for granted.

OK, I will get off my soap box and back to the knitting. I had decided to make the leg shorter since I was thinking that I did not have enough yarn to finish the socks and I remembered what happened the last time. Two things happened that I was not expecting:

1. I didn't run out, not even close

2. I really didn't like how the striping yarn changed color right at the toe as I was grafting the toe.

The toe appears to have a light grey line down the this point, I am not disturbed enough to unravel and cut and try again. I am almost over it (almost). My next thought is, I have never made socks with self striping yarn, do you search thru the next ball until you get the stripes to match? Or do you just go fancy free and totally non matching?


  1. I like to knit toe up so I can use up all my yarn, but yes, i do try to start and end each sock at the same color as it's mate. I use the pretty 'wasted yarn' to make crocheted stitch markers.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, I will try to line up the stripes and see how successful (or frustrated) I will be. Now I need to try toe up, that would solve the will I or won't I problem much more easily.