Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Week

So, I went back to work this week (started Tuesday) after being off for 6 weeks for the hysterectomy recovery. In week 5 I was feeling pretty good, although I wasn't going to set any records for walking speed. I knew it would be hard, but wow, I had no idea how hard sitting thru meetings really was. I felt really sore every day by about 3pm. Bleh! I know, I know, I just need to be patient with my body and let it do its thing.

After finishing the socks, I wanted some mindless/easy/no brainer knitting. What better than a washcloth? I pulled out a pattern by Anne Mancine for a spa day facecloth that I had in my queue. And who doesn't have a ball or two (or 5 10 15) of cotton in their stash? I opted for a natural ombre from Lily Sugar 'n Cream.

I love the texture on the washcloth, even as much as I detest too much seed stitch, there wasn't too much that it drove me crazy.
 I love how the ombre looks with this pattern. I am thinking about making a bunch of these and sending out to my sister-in-laws, neither of which knit.
If you are anything like me (which for your sake it might be good if you aren't), I always look at a pattern to see how I could have done it differently for next time. Wonder what a multi color with slip stitch would look like???

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