Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hind Site is Always 20 20

I have finally made it to the neck on the beach house sweater. Finally. My interest is waning. I want to knit something else. I want to design something new and different. It isn't so much that I am bored with the sweater as I just want it finished. The only way it will get finished is if I knuckle down and just do it. Its killing me, I tell ya, it really is. It doesn't help that I just downloaded 2 new books for my e reader. It also doesn't help that this sweater is not good for travel knitting. I went to Wisconsin this week and it would have been a great time to get some knitting in, but alas, the sweater was 2" below the neck shaping and I knew it would be difficult to handle neck shaping on a plane. In hind site, I should have gotten my sock yarn ready and started on the other baby cable sock. Hind site is always 20 20.

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