Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slow Going

This past weekend we traveled to my mother in laws to celebrate her birthday. She turned 89 on Friday, how awesome is that? The forecast was for some snow but when you live in Holland MI, that doesn't mean too much in the month of February. It ALWAYS snows in February. Hub asked if I thought we should go and I peeked out the window, there was less than 3" of snow out there so I said yes and we packed up Blue Betty and hit the road. WOW, it was so icy, we had barely gotten onto the highway and there were half a dozen cars in the ditch or median. Needless to say, it was a very stressful drive. I wasn't even driving and I was stressed out, which didn't help hub. He finally told me to play a game on my phone to keep me occupied since I just could not knit. I got to level 6 on word mole....once we got to his mom's house (5 hours later) I did quite a bit of knitting, but boy if it doesn't take forever to do this pattern. I am hoping I don't lose interest in this sweater and it becomes a member of the WIP family.

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