Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little Off the Cuff

I have spent very little time on my beach house pullover as of late, but I have started on the first arm. I decided to use my dps and was merrily going along until I got to the staghorn cables. I came up with the bright idea to use a short set of circulars, only they were not short enough. Very frustrating. I almost put the whole thing away. But I managed to put it back on the dps and I am back in business again. Sometimes I make myself crazy.

In just a couple of weeks we will be traveling to Pensacola Beach, Florida. You know what that means, lots more time to knit. I just might finish this sweater at some point. I am glad we are driving because I can take a lot more yarn with me (and back). If you know of a good shop in the area, let me know.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not Up in Arms - Yet

I am happy thrilled overwhelmed to announce that I have finished the body of the beach house pullover. WOW! What a heck of a lot of cables that was. I was almost temped to leave it as a vest, but I can't be a chicken about it, right? I can do this! (I do realize that the collar is not done yet, but I am basking in the current situation).

So, I had my Shalom Cardigan on the other day and a lady from work walks right up to me and points at my sweater and says,"You made that didn't you? I saw that pattern on Ravelry!" So one thing leads to another and she takes her shoe off and shows me her socks. We discussed the benefits of toe up vs top down socks. It was so fun to talk knitting with another knitter who has the passion that you do. I just loved it. I think I could talk about knitting all day.