Monday, April 9, 2012


Well, I am back from a wonderful vacation and yet I scarcely feel relaxed....I think the restlessness is still bothering me. You would think 55 games of Bejeweled Blitz would help me unwind after a long day at work, but alas, I am not (although I am happy to admit I am the top scorer). Next, you would think adding 5 new connections in Linked In would make me feel more fulfilled. But it still doesn't. Especially when I can admit that I am too chicken to go to a new knitting group because I am afraid of not knowing anyone. It is just ridiculous. I feel like I am waiting for something, but I am not sure exactly what it is. One would almost think I was 14 again (yikes). Enough whining about me.

One thing that really made me feel good today was reading an email in my cluttered in box about getting your knitting mojo back. I really think the author is onto something, especially her comment about cleaning out your stash. I am seriously considering purchasing some of those fabric totes from Target to store some of my stash stylishly.

The cats are especially happy to have us home and follow us around relentlessly. You have to wonder what goes on in their little kitty brains while we are gone for over a week (my brother stopped by and fed and watered and chatted them up while we were gone). Normally Georgie sleeps at the foot of our bed on his blanket, but the last 2 nights he has slept right next to me. It is always nice to be needed.

I made good progress on the black swan on the drive home from Louisiana. I am starting the 7th triangle. I opted to follow the pattern and not wrap the turns. It makes for a nice sort of lacy look between the triangles. I may do a little single crochet trim around the perimeter, still pondering. I didn't work on the baby cable sock during vacation, but I think I will take it with me this week on the road to a supplier. I better turn the heel first though as I don't think I can follow all of the directions while riding in the car as it makes me sort of car sickish.

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