Saturday, April 28, 2012

Work In Process

I have been a little distracted from my knitting lately it seems. Books and movies have been catching my attention instead. I watched The Lake House for the first time (yes, I realize this is an old movie) and I really liked it a lot.  While it definitely is a "chick flick" it touched me deeply. Sandra Bullock is an excellent actress in my opinion. There was the right amount of chemistry between her and Keanu Reeves, which always makes it work.

I have managed to work a few more rows on the baby cable socks, however. I turned the heel and am on my way down the foot. While the colors for the stripes don't quite match up, I don't think it looks terribly off. At least not enough for me to rip back and start over again. I think my next pair will be a solid color though :-)

At the same time, I am trying to finish a mesh scarf for a friend and co worker who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Our team at work is putting together a welcome back to work basket for her when she returns after surgery. I have a deadline of next week so I really need to knuckle down and finish the scarf this weekend.  Even though it is a terrible thing, I am gratified to see how it is bringing the ladies of our supply management group together in support of one another. We now have regular meetings to rally support around our work sisters who are going thru rough times.

On another sad note, I received an email notification that one of my favored yarn shops, Lizzie Ann's Wool Company, will be closing at the end of May. The owner has decided to retire and spend more time with her family. We will definitely miss her and her shop.

Well, back on the topic of movies, I am heading off to see Chimpanzee, but at the theater, which I generally don't do because I hate to spend that amount of money and possibly be disappointed. Yeah, yeah, I am cheap, but if I could spend 10 bucks on a great ball of yarn or 10 bucks on an uncertain outcome, I already know which I would choose.

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