Saturday, November 3, 2012

Glistening Wisp

It has been a slow summer of knitting (yes I realize it is now fall) due to my acquisition of a Kindle Fire. It is extremely tempting to read and my knitting is falling to the wayside, unfortunately. The Kindle was a great birthday gift, so I do thank my family for their thoughtfulness.

I finally sat down and actually finished the glistening wisp scarf and I really like the results. I almost made it a cowl, but since I really envisioned it as a scarf, I stuck it out and here are the results. Close up it looks really fancy although it is a piece of cake to work up.

I also finished the boysenberry tunic, although I have not weaved in the ends yet and "officially" finished it in the sense that I can actually wear it yet. Since I am in a finishing mood, perhaps I will pick it up and get that wrapped up as well.

I took my knitting with me on our family trip to Florida but did not get much knitting done. I chose a pattern called Adrift from the website Stolen Stitches and while I love it, unfortunately it is made from sock yarn, which means a row takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I am wondering if this sweater may be relegated to the never be done pile???

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