Monday, July 1, 2013

At Loose Ends

I am back.

Not sure what took me so long, but, I am back. I think what finally kicked my butt in gear was looking at my boysenberry tunic sitting forlornly (can a sweater be forlorn?) on my knitting shelf. Finished and yet not finished. Every day I would think, "I really need to get that finished." And every day I wouldn't. I have no excuses other than I simply hate finishing. I hate the tediousness of finding every little loose end and weaving it in. And so, my project sits and waits....but Saturday, I snatched it up and did it. I weaved in all of those loose ends. While I was on a roll, I washed and blocked it. Aren't you always amazed at how much better your stitches look after blocking? But I digress.....

So I am excited to share (ta-da) the boysenberry tunic.

1 comment:

  1. Looks fabulous, great job. I agree about the weaving in, just when you think you have found them all!! there's another one.