Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sea Shawl

I am still working away at the Sea Shawl, amidst the typical distractions of books, genealogy, vacation (in Spring Lake with the family), work and just life in general. I finished what seemed like the endless stockinette portion and should have been thankful for the easiness of it. Not that the lace pattern is hard, its just that you have to pay attention. This is not a multi tasking project, unfortunately. I thought to use the chart for the pattern, but after looking at it and not understanding the concept of "no stitch" I decided to just ignore it and use the written directions that Mindy so helpfully provided with the pattern.

I spent quite a bit of time tinking on this pattern before I got the rhythm of it and what it is supposed to look like. This is definitely a pattern you can read once you get going on it. I suspect the tinking was also due to me attempting to multi task when I shouldn't be. Well, its always good to give it a shot.

After chugging along, I finally laid this out and looked at it and realized, hey, this looks like feather and fan. It also gets my design gears spinning. I think I might be designing a shawl in the future.

1 comment:

  1. Le shawl est superbe et cette couleur est ravissante !
    Bravo !!