Saturday, August 17, 2013

Always Read The Directions......Always!

I am guessing you are reading the title of this post and thinking, "Well duh!" I know it makes sense seems ever obvious, but it is ALWAYS good to get a reminder. These types of reminders typically occur in the example of a story. And this one is no different.....I call the title of this story "A Tale of Two People Who Didn't Follow Directions"
Left Side of Oatmeal Cardigan

As I mentioned in a previous post, we traveled to the U.P. for a long weekend. On the way, I took my Oatmeal Cardigan (latest work in progress) to get some knitting in while on the road. After all, its a good 6 hours to Munising from my house. And a TON of knitting can be done in that amount of time, even considering that it will get dark at some point. I know some of you are saying,"Just bring a light with you." I guess I could, but I never have done this, so its just a habit not to at this point. But I digress; I am on the part where you do the neck shaping and now I have to pay attention. Previously, the back was just stockinette. I look at the directions and much to my surprise dismay, I did not circle the size I was planning to knit. I frowned to myself. Did I choose to knit the medium or the large? Hmmmmm......well, it is a boxy cardigan without a lot of shaping, so I decided guessed that I must have knit the medium. So, I knit my 18 shoulder stitches, switched to the new pattern for neck stitches and then got to the other shoulder. Oh boy. I have too many stitches left. I recount the 18 original shoulder stitches, yup, there are 18. I recount the neck stitches, yup, that is correct. Therefore, I deduce that I must not have decided to knit the medium but the large. At this point I get out my tape measure. Hub looks over because he can sense my agitation. What about gauge? Yikers! What if this sweater is H U G E ??? As I look at the measurements, I remember that I was getting the size medium measurements with the size large stitch count. I give a sigh of relief and then begin my favorite task of tinking my way to success.

Story two starts with me coming home from work one night. I open the door to the stench of smoke. I run in, full panic mode kicking in. "Welcome home, have a good day?" Hub greets me. "THERE IS SOMETHING ON FIRE!" I screech as I push past him. The kitchen just reeks of smoke even with all the windows open. Hub explains that our son decided he wanted meatballs for lunch. So, he pulled some out of the freezer, put them on a microwave safe plate, read the directions and heated them up. Sounds simple, right? Apparently he did not read the directions closely enough. Instead of the microwave directions, he followed the oven directions to heat for 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes. In a microwave. Thankfully, he decided to stop the microwave at 7 minutes.

Like mother like son. And the moral of the story is: always read the directions!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Superior

Back from a wonderful few days up north with the family which gave me the opportunity to get some knitting in. This time I made a much smarter choice and went with a really simple cardigan from the spring 2013 issue of Creative Knitting. I had been eyeing the pattern for a while but I STERNLY told myself no more new starts on anything until you finish at least 1 WIP. AT LEAST 1! As I was humming along on the back which is garter or stockinette, I ignored the fact that this appears to be a very boxy pattern, so we will see how flattering this turns out. At least I won't have a ton of time invested in it so I am thoroughly frustrated at the end. Well, I will keep at it for now. I am using Plymouth Encore Tweed in an oatmeal color. They call it granola. It sounds yummy to me. But back to my trip. When I say we were up north, I mean, the U.P. To those not from Michigan, that means Upper Peninsula. Past the bridge and onto the beautiful shores of Lake Superior where the water is a strangely beautiful turquoise that you don't normally see. Since blue is my favorite color, I think it would make a fabulous yarn color, don't you?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Two Steps Back, Four Steps Forward

I have finally finished the Sea Shawl, inspite of all of the interruptions of life. Like work. And laundry. Especially laundry. I really wanted to complete it this week so, I did meet my goal. The picot cast off takes a crazy long time and I had to come back to it twice, even though I don't like leaving my knitting in the middle of a row. As I look back at the project, I wish I would have cut the stockinette portion in 1/2 and done 3 more repeats of the lace scallops. Not that it doesn't look great, because I think it is a great design, I just think it could be even better. I saw one person on Ravelry make it in total lace and that was an interesting twist on the pattern as well. I want the lace to open up so I intend to block the snot out of it, we will see how much it grows since it is only 42 x 24, which isn't very big. My daughter offered to model it, but apparently she is not as impressed with the pattern as I am since she asked me, "what is this, a bib?" Thanks, Elizabeth for the vote of confidence.... My blog program isn't working very well today, so I don't know if this is going to look strange when I post, it only lets me type in HTML, not standard compose mode(whatever standard is).