Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Superior

Back from a wonderful few days up north with the family which gave me the opportunity to get some knitting in. This time I made a much smarter choice and went with a really simple cardigan from the spring 2013 issue of Creative Knitting. I had been eyeing the pattern for a while but I STERNLY told myself no more new starts on anything until you finish at least 1 WIP. AT LEAST 1! As I was humming along on the back which is garter or stockinette, I ignored the fact that this appears to be a very boxy pattern, so we will see how flattering this turns out. At least I won't have a ton of time invested in it so I am thoroughly frustrated at the end. Well, I will keep at it for now. I am using Plymouth Encore Tweed in an oatmeal color. They call it granola. It sounds yummy to me. But back to my trip. When I say we were up north, I mean, the U.P. To those not from Michigan, that means Upper Peninsula. Past the bridge and onto the beautiful shores of Lake Superior where the water is a strangely beautiful turquoise that you don't normally see. Since blue is my favorite color, I think it would make a fabulous yarn color, don't you?

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