Sunday, August 4, 2013

Two Steps Back, Four Steps Forward

I have finally finished the Sea Shawl, inspite of all of the interruptions of life. Like work. And laundry. Especially laundry. I really wanted to complete it this week so, I did meet my goal. The picot cast off takes a crazy long time and I had to come back to it twice, even though I don't like leaving my knitting in the middle of a row. As I look back at the project, I wish I would have cut the stockinette portion in 1/2 and done 3 more repeats of the lace scallops. Not that it doesn't look great, because I think it is a great design, I just think it could be even better. I saw one person on Ravelry make it in total lace and that was an interesting twist on the pattern as well. I want the lace to open up so I intend to block the snot out of it, we will see how much it grows since it is only 42 x 24, which isn't very big. My daughter offered to model it, but apparently she is not as impressed with the pattern as I am since she asked me, "what is this, a bib?" Thanks, Elizabeth for the vote of confidence.... My blog program isn't working very well today, so I don't know if this is going to look strange when I post, it only lets me type in HTML, not standard compose mode(whatever standard is).

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  1. Your Sea Shawl is lovely, and all daughters are such fun. Mine is 40 and she still looks at me with raised eyebrows and "what are you wearing?" comments. Let us followers know how the blocking the snot out of it goes.