Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn Thoughts

The weather has cooled off, hitting the 40s in the nights and high 60s during the day, which means that fall is under way and winter isn't far behind. The leaves are just starting to turn colors, but we have a couple of weeks before the true beauty is shared with us. For some strange reason, when the weather turns cooler like this, my thoughts always turn to knitting. I do knit in the summer, don't get me wrong, but I love to snuggle up on my recliner and knit when it gets cold. It also seems like I am more inspired to get my UFOs finished as well for some reason.

While I finished the oatmeal cardigan last week, it really wasn't done done until today when all ends were weaved. Although, to the purists, it isn't blocked yet, so I guess you could say yet another step exists, but for my purposes, it is finished.

It is not a WOW I love it sweater, but I think it makes a cute accessory. I should know better than to make a boxy sweater. If I made it again, I would have made it longer, maybe hip length and used something like a hook and eye shawl clasp to hold it together. There are some cute ones on Etsy.

Onto the next project. I think this will be one of my own designs, so watch for it soon.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Fruitful Day

I think I might be turning into my mother. My son invited a friend over and I found myself cleaning the house to impress both the boy and his parents. That is just plain weird. I am pretty sure an 11 year old boy does not care if my knitting is sitting on the couch or if my laundry isn't all upstairs in the closets yet. Or at least I choose to believe this. (I base this on my own 11 year old who could probably go without showering for a week or two and not be terribly troubled by this.) And I guess if his parents don't like my messy garage, I am fairly certain they won't tell me to my face. I do live in Western Michigan, after all. I will just be fodder for their dining room table talk. So, let there be a big cheer out there for the moms who don't have an immaculate house. (like me)

With some additional time off, I managed to finish the right front, so here is the front of the oatmeal cardigan, side by side. I think I am going to add some shaping to the sleeve as opposed to just a straight sleeve since my lower arms are kind of skinny and I think it will look funny to be all floppy.

Between knitting, laundry, helping out at my mom's garage sale, baking peach pie and picking tomatoes, it was a pretty fruitful day. I guess I better get out there and get some beans picked.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

All Righty Then

I had a supplier visit scheduled and we decided it would be a car trip (whoo hoo!). Car trips ALWAYS mean knitting, because it is more likely than not that someone in the car wants to be the driver, at least more than I do. Our destination (drum roll please) was Pardeeville, Wisconsin. Have you heard of it? Or have you been there? It is a little town outside of Madison, which I am sure you have heard of, population of about 2100, give or take a few. It takes us about 5 1/2 hours to get there, so plenty of knit time. I packed my oatmeal cardigan and away we went.

Only one slight issue on the way there, when we stopped at the oasis (rest stop) in Chicago, I dropped my row counter and I could not figure out for the life of me where it went. I searched the floor and around the ground outside the minivan, but it was nowhere to be seen. So, I just grabbed a pen and proceeded to use the old fashioned hash marks. They work, just not as convenient. Interestingly enough, at the next stop, it was discovered in the back seat. Phew, very happy. While on the trip I managed to finish the left side and a good portion of the right side. I spent a lot of time noodling on the sleeves. The pattern has you sew the shoulder seams and then pick up the sleeve stitches and knit from there. I find it kind of inconvenient to have a whole sweater connected to the sleeve when I am knitting, so not sure if I will do them separately and then sew them in? I am not super fond of sewing either, so it is a bit of a dilemma.